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Pamela Foster teaching Margaret Good in Splint Seat Weaving
Pamela Foster teaching Margaret Good in Splint Seat Weaving
Passing on knowledge and skills

The Waterford Craft School seeks to teach and preserve traditional methods used in craft and building arts. Enabling students to learn make by hand skills by offering classes to the public taught by experts in each field.

The school is part of the educational mission of the Waterford Foundation and works with the Waterford Fair in providing opportunities for artisans to demonstrate and teach and students to experience and learn.

What you will learn

Classes vary each session and include topics such as quilting, weaving, furniture-making, and basket weaving.

Classes in building arts are available. which focus on traditional construction methods for building restoration.

Course material is designed for students ages 18 and up. Classes are held in the Waterford National Historic Landmark in or around Waterford Foundation buildings.

Students in the Lime Mortar Class
Students in the Lime Mortar Class
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Turkish Marbling Class

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what students say

This course was exactly what I hope it would be. I learned A LOT.

Allen was outstanding – clear, knowledgeable, understandable, interesting.

Into to Lime Mortar ClassStudents
Wonderful course content. Gave us all hope that we will be able to repair our windows.

It was exactly what I hoped to learn – and I am now not at all dissuaded to tackle my own windows.

Repair & Restoration of WindowsStudents
Karen was friendly, helpful, skilled basket maker. I liked the small class with personal attention.

Great lunch both days. Facility was clean and open. A lot of room.

A Gathering/Shaker Basket WeavingKaren Wychock


Four separate sessions in April, May, June and July of 2018. All classes are two-day classes unless otherwise noted.
Most classes are held at the Old School but a few are held outside or around the village as required for the class.
9am - 5pm
Intermediate Rug Hooking

In this two-day class, students will cover the same general information as the beginning class but will concentrate more on hooking and color planning with a more complicated pattern.


Caroline Twigg

In this two-day class, students will first learn what they might want to grow in their own gardens. And some plants used grow commonly around us and often are known as “weeds”. Students will then learn to harvest, dry and store herbs in a variety of ways. Then they will learn what to use them for as they make their own teas and tinctures to take home.


Jessica Baker

In this two-day class, students will learn the history, origin, and preservation of woven seats. They will learn how to prepare the materials to be used and what size cane to use. Then they will learn the six-step standard pattern which is the most widely used and the strongest. The chair seat itself will be the “loom” with holes drilled around the frame for the cane to be woven through. When the six steps are finished, binder cane and lacing will be applied to cover the holes and knotted to finish the bottom.

Ms. Foster can provide a cedar folding “fishing” chair for students to cane for a materials cost of $100. If students want to provide their own chair to cane, it must have fewer than 70 holes. Materials would then be $20. This is a two day class. Students will leave with a finished product.


Pamela Foster

In this two-day class, students will be introduced to the methods for proper excavation, bed preparation, and crowning and then they will learn placement of the bricks for a traditional dry brick walkway.


Allen Cochran

Register for a Class

Get an Early Bird discount when you register for your class at least 60 days in advance. (Applies only to two-day classes).
Waterford Foundation members receive a discount any time! (Applies only to two-day classes).
Class sizes are limited so register early to ensure your spot.


Meet our talented instructors

Allen Cochran

Stone Masonry

    Caroline Twigg

    Rug Hooking

    Grace Rochford

    Floor Cloths

    James Rendi


    Jessica Baker


      Karen Wychock

      Basket Weaving

      Mary Stanley

      Dried Flowers

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      • Lunch included
      • Materials fee additional
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