Elizabeth Goins
Elizabeth GoinsLet's Make a Paper and Turn it into a Journal
Ms. Goins has been working with paper for over 25 years. This work includes papercutting, repurposing books and making paper by hand. She has a master’s degree in Art Education. Her work has been shown in West Virginia, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Brian Kirk
Brian KirkStone Sculpture Carving
Mr. Kirk has been teaching stone carving part-time for 25 years with Northern Virginia Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University and Shepherd University. He is a full time Art teacher with the Loudoun County Public Schools. His work is on exhibit at Rust Library, Luckett’s Elementary School and Catoctin Elementary School.
Gary Robinson
Gary RobinsonIntroduction to Broom Making
Born in the west central mountains of Virginia, where he still resides, Mr Robinson
learned the art of broom making in 1991 and has been making brooms full time since then.  Mr Robinson’s  brooms appeared in the historical drama Sommersby starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster and have been purchased by George Washington’s Mount Vernon for use in their portrayal of colonial life.  Over the years, demonstrating and teaching his craft has been one of the most fulfilling parts of his journey

Mr Robinson has been a juried demonstrating artisan at the Waterford Fair since 1991.

Brett Walker Bt. W. & Co.
Brett Walker Bt. W. & Co. Leather Making 101 & 102 and Colonial Camp
Mr. Walker is a formally trained master boot-and shoe-maker who has practiced his art for the past 19 years. Four were as an apprentice and five as a journeyman with Colonial Williamsburg.

Mr. Walker is an historian/educator and a true craftsman.  He likes to tell the early American story by exploring the everyday experiences of everyday colonists to discover how their lives were shaped. He teaches a range of 18th century skills learned from working with museums and living history programs.  The two classes he will be teaching at the 2019 Craft School will be based on specific 18th century artifacts.

Molly Grant
Molly Grant Shoemaking
Molly Grant began leatherworking in her early 20’s, first by working on her own and then by apprenticing at the Black Swan Leather shop in Portsmouth, NH, where she learned the basic skills of traditional leatherworking. She first saw Cordwainer Shoes when she was ten years old at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair, known nationally as the oldest craft fair in the nation. She became a juried member in 1989, and participated by showing her line of handbags. There, she had the opportunity to meet Paul Mathews, owner of the Cordwainer Shop. Within a few months’ time Molly was traveling to craft shows nationally with Paul and learning the Cordwainer art. Molly still makes handbags, but the main business is teaching shoemaking workshops at the Deerfield, New Hampshire shop and at craft schools across the country.

The Cordwainer Shop was founded in the 1930’s by Edward F. Mathews. His son, Paul, carried on the shop tradition as main footwear designer, and except for a 4-year stint in WWII, shoemaking became his life’s work and joy. Many of his footwear designs are still produced at the shop today. Molly Grant now carries on the Cordwainer tradition of creating custom handmade leather footwear, and it has become as much a passion to Molly as it was to Paul. She specializes in teaching shoemaking workshops as a way to share this tradition of craftsmanship.

Karen Wychock
Karen WychockBasket-Making
Ms. Wychock  was an art teacher for 22 years in the Neshaminy School District, Langhorne, PA before becoming a middle school principal for 15 years in both the Neshaminy School District and the Central Bucks School District.

She is a member of the Bucks County Craftsmen’s Guild, the Bucks County Hand Weaver’s Guild and the PA Guild of Craftsmen.  She has sold her work at various shows and galleries throughout the northeast (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, and Ohio).

She is president of the Penn-Jersey Basket Weavers Guild.  As a group, they offer our members classes, workshops, and trips centered around their love of basketry. She also teaches basketry in her home studio and at various locations in PA.  She teaches both children and adults.

Working over wooden molds, in the method of the Shakers, her baskets are traditional in shape and materials.  She weaves both Shaker reproductions in ash and traditional, utilitarian baskets of reed.  Native hardwoods such as ash and oak are used to make the rims and handles, and all of her baskets are lashed using ash.  Each basket takes on its own character as it is woven in a quatrefoil. Twill or fancy lace pattern to appeal to both eye and touch.

Tim McGinn
Tim McGinn Window Restoration
Established in 1984,  T. H. McGinn & Co. is a general contracting firm located in historic village of Waterford, Virginia.

Over the course of nearly three decades they have acquired an extensive knowledge of both traditional and modern building materials and methods.  Their reputation for historically sensitive rehabilitation projects has been established from years of working on a variety of traditional building types and architectural styles.

Mr McGinn, company owner, apprenticed for nine years before forming his company.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from Goucher College.  This will be his third year with the Waterford Craft School.

Stan Jennings
Stan JenningsHand Hewn Treenware (Wooden Spoons)
Mr. Jennings has been making wooden treenware for 28 years after 10 years in underground coal mining in West Virginia.  Most of his teaching experience has been teaching employees the art of spoon making.  When not making treenware, Mr Jennings is President of the Save the Tygart Watershed Association.

He has long been an artisan at the annual Waterford Fair.

David Cargo
David CargoStack Fire Bake - Outdoor Pizza Oven
David S. Cargo is one of the founding members of the Saint Paul Bread Club (http://spbc.info/), a former baker at Trotter’s Cafe and Bakery, a former baker at the St. Agnes Baking Company, and a featured baker in Kim Ode’s cookbook, Baking with the Saint Paul Bread Club: Recipes, Tips, and Stories.

He’s been teaching his oven-building class since 2010. He’s taught it over 70 times and to hundreds of students in five states.

His workshop was selected to be on the program for the Kneading Conference in Maine in 2016, 2017, and 2018. He also presented a shortened version at the annual meeting of the Masonry Heater Association at Wildacres, North Carolina in 2018.

Karen Helble
Karen HelbleIntro to Calligraphy
A calligrapher for over 35 years, Karen enjoys studying all forms of calligraphy. She is a member of the Washington Calligraphers Guild and has been fortunate to take classes in everything from Illuminated Manuscripts, to Chinese Brush, to Slate Carving.

Her love of lettering began while working on commercial signage and has continued to grow over the years. She enjoys teaching all ages and has offered classes through the Loudoun County Adult Education Program, the Round Hill Arts Center, and privately. She works from her home studio, in Round Hill, mainly on weddings, commissions, and teaching.

She feels strongly that this art should be shared with as many people as possible… it’s useful, beautiful and fun!!!

Karen and her husband Stuart have long been Juried Artisans at the Waterford Fair.

Michael Aylward
Michael AylwardIntro to Stained Glass
Mike Aylward has been creating stained glass windows since 1990. Originally from the Boston area, Mike opened North Shore Stained Glass in 1993 as a full service studio providing commissions, restorations, supplies and art classes.

After moving to the Washington DC area, Mike opened Aldie Glassworks, providing custom stained and leaded glass windows and restorations. Mike has taught many classes from his studion in Boston, as well as adult education course for various communities. Class topics include beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques, restoring reclaimed windows, lead came technique and creating stained glass patterns from photographs.

Jessica Baker
Jessica Baker Intro to Herbal Remedies (Mini Class) I Intro to Backyard Medicine (2-day class) I Intro to Soap Making (Mini Class)
Ms. Baker has a family farm in Loudoun County where she grows herbs to use for medicinal purposes. She works with these herbs to create salve, oils, soaps, teas and tinctures. She has taught classes for years on the growing, preserving, and making of useful products with these herbs.

Ms. Baker is a Juried Artisan at the Waterford Fair and has taught classes for the past two years at the Waterford Craft School.

Diane Myers
Diane MyersRag Rug Weaving
Ms. Myers has been a fiber artist working primarily as a handweaver since her college days.  She has taught at in the public schools and is a veteran weaving instructor with the Waterford Craft School and at the Waterford Fair.
Gina Copanzzi
Gina CopanzziEtching onto Metal I Intro to Metalsmithing
Ms Copanzzi began making jewelry in her teens when metalsmithing classes were offered in her high school. Over the years, she has refined her skills through formal training with Master Metalsmiths around the country.

After exploring many visual media, she found her passion in jewelry and gems. She finds she can best express her artistic abilities by forming and shaping metal. All her pieces start as either a sheet of metal or length of wire and ends up as a piece of one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry.

She currently teaches metalsmithing at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center and Frederick Community College, Frederick MD. And is a member of the Washington Guild of Goldsmiths.

Alan Cochran
Alan CochranFireplace Restoration I Dry Stone Fence Construction
Allen Cochran is owner of Cochran’s Stone Masonry, a masonry restoration and preservation company based in Lincoln, Virginia.

For the past 25 years Cochran’s has helped preserve masonry throughout the area.

Antonia Walker
Antonia WalkerExploring Color: Introduction to Watercolor
Antonia Walker received a BFA from the University of Georgia, studied in France in a George Washington University summer term and later studied drawing and anatomy with Spanish sculptor, Benjamin Saul. She was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome in 1998 and again in 2011. The artist’s work has been exhibited internationally, and is represented in private and public collections, including the Arts-in-Embassy program, Johns Hopkins University, Lansdowne Resorts, Project Hope and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground. Antonia maintains a studio in Waterford at the Chair Factory.
Grace Rochford
Grace RochfordMake A Floorcloth From Start to Finish
Grace has been making floorcloths for about 14 years. She originally made them just for herself until launching Designs By Grace. During the last 5 years, Grace have taught numerous Floorcloth making workshops. These have been very popular, and many students have shared with me their continued efforts at creating floorcloths on their own. Making floorcloths is contagious!
Susan Withnell
Susan WithnellHand Spinning Wool
Ms. Withnell has been a hand spinner and weaver for 20 years with a fiber arts business, “Ewes-Ful Fiber Arts”.  She raises high percentage Wensleydale sheep (known for their excellent spinning fleeces), alpaca, and angora rabbits on her Maryland Farm. Her sheep are bred for fiber quality.  She uses these fibers in the hand spun, and hand dyed yarns she sells at the Fiber Art and Craft Shows she attends.

Ms. Withnell has run Fiber Arts Summer Camps for Children and an after school fiber arts club at the elementary school where she taught before recently retiring,  She has demonstrated hand spinning at the Great Yorkshire Agricultural Show in Harrogate, England.  She teaches handspinning on drop spindles and spinning wheels at her studio in Westminster, Maryland.

Ms Withnell has been a juried, demonstrating artisan at the Waterford Fair for the past 10 years.

Pamela Foster
Pamela FosterSplint Seat Weaving I Into to Handwoven Cane
Ms. Foster has been weaving for over 35 years. She specializes in wicker restoration but weaves all types of chair seats: splint, cane, rush, bamboo, rattan, willow and grasses. She has woven seats for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and restored a wicker sled for the Loudoun Museum.

Ms. Foster has also been reproducing Gustav Stickley wicker lampshades for over 20 years which are sold nation-wide.

Ms. Foster will be returning to the Waterford Craft School in 2020 to teach splint seat weaving and caning. Throughout her career she has taught young and old, one on one and group classes.

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