Working with Natural Dyes – Virtual Workshop

Working with Natural Dyes – Virtual Workshop


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Instructor: Nichole Gerding

Class Type: Virtual

Online LIVE  Instructor Q & A: Sunday, November 22, 2020

Time: 1 PM – 1:30 PM

Materials Kit: Includes 6 pieces of 12″ x 14″ muslin, 2 plant-based dyes, mordents, detailed written instructions, and access to a one-hour, pre-recorded tutorial. 

Description: Delve into the wonderful world of natural, plant-based dyeing in this pre-recorded one-hour tutorial with instructor Nichole Gerding. The tutorial follows up with a fascinating 1/2 hour live Q&A with the instructor. Student participation is encouraged!

Deadline to register November 9th, 2020

Cost: $80.00


Out of stock


Bio: Nichole Gerding is an 18th Century Foodways Historian and Domestic Skills Interpreter and the owner of Thankful Sage Farm School. Her background is in Living History, and she trained as a Foodways Historian in Colonial Williamsburg. From there she went on to start Thankful Sage Farm School, which manufactures small batch soaps and candles and gives classes on heritage skills and forgotten arts.

Nichole has worked with dozens of local museums and organizations including PA DCNR, Mt. Cuba Center, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, the Crossroads of the American Revolution, and Greensgrow Farms as well as giving her own classes through Thankful Sage Farm School. Nichole also provides historic garden consultation, museum program development and program consultation for several small museums. 

Currently, Thankful Sage Farm School continues to develop historically based heritage classes. In addition to the classes and managing the online shop, Nichole also produces a web-series which focuses on exploring heritage skills and incorporating them into a modern lifestyle. Thankful Sage Farm School can be found on all social media platforms offering a modern perspective on preserving heritage practices.

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