Knead, Shape & Bake: French Bread – Virtual Workshop (with Child Participation)

Knead, Shape & Bake: French Bread – Virtual Workshop (with Child Participation)


Instructor: Jerry Bond

Class Type: Virtual

Online LIVE Instructor Q & A: Sunday, November 8, 2020

Time: 1 PM – 1:30PM

Description: Flour up your hands and explore the art of yeasted bread baking! In this workshop, you will learn how to measure, mix, knead, shape, and bake 3 loaves of French Bread. This workshop includes a half-hour pre-recorded YouTube tutorial, printable pdf instructions, and a half-hour live Q&A.  Please note: this is for the French Bread workshop only, not the 3-Session Bread Baking series.

Additional Information: to complete these projects, you will need the following ingredients: yeast, water, whole milk, eggs, butter, flour, oatmeal, molasses, sugar, and salt.  You will also need to have the following equipment/tools: bowls, measuring spoons and cups, plastic wrap, mixing spoon, cookie sheet, vegetable oil (spray works best), and a wide mouth jar canning ring.  Optional equipment: scale, electric mixer, loaf pans.

Please Note: Please purchase this product if a child is interested in participating in this class with a parent/guardian. 

Cost: $40.00


Bio: Jerry Bond is a retired Natural Resource Police Officer who has developed a passion for all things bread. He began baking cookies when his wife went back to college and has continued to study and develop his knowledge of baking over the past 20 years. For the past 10 years, he has focused on bread and pizza making, using both yeasted methods and traditional sourdough. He has taken classes in specialty breads and wood oven baking from several master bakers. 


Jerry’s teaching experience includes nature programming, outdoor recreation, hunter safety, coaching sports, and since retirement, sharing his love of bread baking with others. He has  taught bread and pizza classes to groups of various sizes,  from one on one to groups as large as 20 in private homes, businesses and schools.

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