By signing below I agree that I have read, understand and agree to the following waiver of liability. Specifically, I agree that I am a guest or participant of the Waterford Craft School to be hosted at 40222 Fairfax Street, Waterford, VA 20197 owned and operated by the Waterford Foundation. By signing below, I hereby release and hold harmless the Waterford Foundation, Inc., its Directors, Employees, Agents & Volunteers from any and all claims arising from my participation in referenced Waterford Foundation event as well as from my presence at a Waterford Foundation owned property. I further authorize and consent to the use of any materials, whether by videotape, film, newsprint, written advertisement, or otherwise, containing my name or picture, and I release The Foundation and its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, members, agents and representatives from any claims I might have due to initial or subsequent publication of any such materials.