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Hand-Spinning Yarn From Wool Using a Drop Spindle


Hand-Spinning Yarn From Wool Using a Drop Spindle

Saturday, August 1, 2020
From 9 AM to 5 PM
1 Day Class
Old School, Waterford, Virginia

Students will learn the processes involved to spin a two color skein of wool
yarn. Instruction will start with washing raw fleece and carding dried wool using hand
carders as well as a drum carder. Students will then get a drop spindle, handmade by
Ms. Withnell, and learn how to spin carded wool into usable wool yarn. Discussion
throughout the class will include history of spinning fibers into yarn, the physics of
why the process works and an introduction into how the invention and use of
spinning wheel vastly increased yarn production. At the end of the class, there will be
a spinning wheel demonstration and an opportunity to briefly use a spinning wheel.

Tuition: $175 for a one day class.

Materials Fee: $30 to include the drop spindle and wool used in the class
which student will keep.

From Home: a pen, a notebook and 2 non breakable cereal sized bowls

  • Spin a two-color skein of wool-yarn using a drop spindle.

  • Learn how to wash raw fleece and card dried wool.

  • Learn about the history of spinning fibers into yarn.

Please bring a pen, notebook, and two non-breakable cereal bowls.


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