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A Shaker Weekend…Cathead & Teaspoon Basket


Cathead & Teaspoon Basket

Saturday and Sunday May 2-3, 2020:
Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM
2-Day Class
Ages 18+ years
Old School, Waterford, Virginia

Here is your chance to weave 2 Shaker inspired baskets, one of reed and one of ash.  We will weave a classic cathead basket in reed and a Shaker teaspoon basket in ash.

The classic cathead was one of the most popular baskets made by the Shakers.  When upside down, its shape resembles a cat’s head with cat’s ears on each corner.  The original design was borrowed from the Native American community.  In class it will be woven of reed with an oak handle.  Students will choose to make an 8 or 10 inch basket, lay out the base, shape the cats ears, chase weave the sides, and lash a rim.

The teaspoon basket is much smaller (3 inches) and woven out of black ash.  Again, students will lay out the base, chase-weave the sides, notch a handle, and lash a rim.

Lunch and snacks will be provided on both days.

$300 Class Fee
$90 Materials Fee 

  • Weave a classic cathead basket from reed with an oak handle.

  • Weave a small 3” teaspoon basket with black ash.

  • Lunch and snacks provided both days.

All materials provided with payment of $90 materials fee.


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